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Proxmox doesn’t start graphical installer

Symptoms: When starting the Proxmox 7.x graphical installer, you get presented with the error message below. Installation aborted – unable to continue (type exit or CTRL-D to reboot) root@proxmox:/# When you try to manually start X server with startx you get the message: he log file at “/var/log/Xorg.1.log” for additional information.(EE) (EE) Server terminated with error (1). Closing lof file.…

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Using SSH

What is SSH? SSH stands for Secure Shell. it is a cryptographic network protocol that provides secure remote access and control over a network. Installing SSH: sudo apt install openssh-server Activate the SSH-server: sudo systemctl start ssh Auto-start SSH-server on restart: sudo systemctl enable ssh Verify if SSH is running and will start automatically: sudo systemctl status ssh In the…

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Mount CIFS shares with credentials file

How to mount a CIFS-network-share with a credentials file. When you are working with virtual machines, mounting network drives is an important task. Mounting drives can be done manually, but when setting up a home-server, things like this should happen automatically. Mounting CIFS-share without permissions: Create a mountpoint: sudo mkdir /mnt/files Mount the share to the mountpoint: sudo mount //…

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Install Ubuntu via iPXE for UEFI

Install Ubuntu via iPXE for UEFI: Prerequisites: • iPXE • TFTP • NFS • DHCP Server First of all, let us download the needed ISO files for this project. Ubuntu Desktop 22.04.2 LTS Ubuntu 22.10 live server iPXE: iPXE can serve as a network boot server for both BIOS and UEFI systems. It’s open source, it can use many protocols…

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